Offshore is a new free periodical on art and culture based in Antwerp, co-founded by Annie Gentils Gallery, Marion de Cannière, Objectif Exhibitions, Panache and Pulsar.

Official launch:

DE Studio
Saturday 21 May, 20.00
Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4
2000 Antwerpen

Issue 1 — Spring / Lente 2016

Edited by Els Roelandt

With contributions by Taylor Renee Aldridge, Eva Barois de Caevel, Peter Buggenhout, Luc Deleu, Moosje Goossen, Antony Hudek, Duang Kai-Cheung, Jan Kempenaers, Sofie Van Loo and Thomas Min

A special thank you goes to Charles Asprey, Marion de Cannière and Henrik Kubel for their generous support.

This issue (and the next) will appear online soon.



Goele De Bruyn – z.t. (forecast). 2015. Photo © Peter Cox